I run ten man raids in a competitive World of Warcraft guild. The character I control is a Holy Paladin, which means my job is healing. I enjoy the highly reactive nature of this role, as it requires a high degree of situation awareness and quick reflexes. We have consistently remained in the top 100 US guilds while running a 12 hour weekly schedule.

I avoided World of Warcraft for some time, despite being a huge fan of Blizzard’s previous games. Also despite the fact that I loved the idea of MMO gaming, and having hated outings like Ultima Online and Everquest. Laura and I had talked about jumping into it at one point, as she was a big Everquest nerd. Going into it, I loved the idea of end game raiding, and more or less shot straight for that. Took me a few months to get the hang of how the realm culture worked, guild etiquette, etc. Then I started doing a little guild bouncing until I found the right team, a group that is both fun but skilled.

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