Artist Spotlight at Regen Magazine

Regen Magazine chose Life Toward Twilight for their Artist Spotlight this week. You can read an interview they did with me by clicking here.

Here is text from their review of my material:

If you’re sick of spending all your money importing dark ambient albums from Sweden, you need to check out this album from Detroit’s Life Toward Twilight. Not only does it combine the eerily haunting soundscapes of Raison d’Etre, the rumbling percussive clatter of In Slaughter Natives, and the unforgiving bleakness of NON, but to celebrate his return to music after a two-year hiatus, project founder Daniel Tuttle has made it available as a free download from the Life Toward Twilight Web site. Perhaps the album’s most stunning work is the two-part “‘Time,’ She Says” and “‘Time,’ She Points Again,” which starts off with a nighttime sound collage of birds, water and insects, but then gradually transitions into a most ominous martial ambient piece, complete with menacing staccato strings. “Eclipse II” is a perfect mixture of beauty and harshness, with Elyse Reardon’s wordless operatic vocals contrasted with grating metallic squeals and buzzing feedback, while “A Tide, Confusion” is an exercise in entropy, as bits of background conversation decay into incomprehensible noise. Although this album was originally released around the same time Tuttle was caring for his terminally ill fiance, this is hardly a musical Hallmark card; with such apparently unsentimental tracks as “Might and Wrath,” We Waited for a Subtle Dawn seems less a reflection on Tuttle’s own experience than a broader meditation on the inevitability of death as a whole. To say it’s not a happy listening experience is an understatement, but there’s a stark beauty in Tuttle’s music that’s incredibly stirring.

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