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Daniel’s Best of 2023

These are playlists of some of my favorite releases in 2023. I make no claims to "best of" because there's so much I haven't heard, but these were the tops for me.

Spotify Artist Earnings survey

This survey is for artists that have their music published on Spotify. I’m trying to understand relationships between their pay rate and the relative artist popularity via their API data and otherwise. Needless to say, this survey is only applicable…


Stroke update

I'm realizing I haven't provided an update on my condition since I posted about my stroke not long after it happened, which was now over two years ago! A lot has changed since then.
The saguaro cactus in my view

R.I.P. Saguaro 🌵

The saguaro cactus that is prominent in my view collapsed over the weekend.

Favorite music of 2020

2020 was a terrible year, but a lot of good music was released. This in NO WAY redeems it, but at least it has made being stuck at home slightly more bearable.