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Favorite music of 2020

2020 was a terrible year, but a lot of good music was released. This in NO WAY redeems it, but at least it has made being stuck at home slightly more bearable.
Best of 2010's Playlist

Best music of the 2010’s

It’s 2020 now, so I want to document what I thought was the best music of the 2010’s. However, I don’t really like “best of” lists, as these are the albums and artists that moved me more than others. I’m… survey

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How to reach me

I will not be on here much, but you can still reach me.

Kaleidoscopic Death Ritual

This playlist started with me jamming out to some bands with a heavy tube-amp/synthetic organ vibe and grew from there. Upbeat with a lingering foreboding.

Moved to the Phoenix, AZ area

Was offered an interesting full time contracting position with a business an old friend of mine works for in Scottsdale, AZ. Move away from a place that is perpetually grey to a place that is perpetually sunny. Took them up on…