I want to write about my weekend, and the DEMF/running-a-tent-there experience. It’s overload, man. If I tried to detail everything that occured, I’d have to write a novel.

I arrived there Saturday morning at 9am and was there until 1am. Scratched our performance to make sure all of the other performers had plenty of time, since the sound arrived 2 hours late. Saturday was awesome though. All of the performers were great.

Got there Sunday at 10am, left around 2am. Shit got rolling on schedule. Again, all of the performers were great. I did jump in and improv vocals with the Black Sand Desert guys.

Towards the end of Sunday, I was getting very loopy due to exhaustion, and the whole just being-there-for-32-hours-over-two-days thing, but the whole event really was a lot of fun. There was a lot of solidarity at the event. Everyone got along, and was supportive of our efforts. I saw no egos getting trampled. The local promoters that showed also seemed really supportive, which was fantastic. There was a great sense of unity surrounding the event, and I’m just thankful that was there.

Monday, I got there around 11am, and left around 6:30pm. We gave most of Monday to Kero and his people, so once they got rolling, I had to go. My voice is about gone, but after a day of rest I feel ok.

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