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So, I haven’t really had time to play on here like normal. There is a lot going on! Here’s the run down:

A few of us got together(pete, myself and my collaborator, Brent) and put together a proposal to get space at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. For those that aren’t familiar with this huge event, it’s probably the biggest festival of it’s kind on this half of the globe, and it’s a free event! Many people from many different backgrounds come to this thing each year.

So, this project is keeping me busy. Being able to perform at this huge event is quite exciting, and contributing to the event by helping other bands play there is more exciting still. I am posting this here because a lot of people read it, and we need help!

1) We need bands! Know any cool electronic bands that have an unusual or obscure style and want to perform! Have them email me. Here is what they need to know upfront:

It will cost to play. It’s $1/minute, and $1/item merchandised. I wish we could have everyone play for free, but we need a way to pay for the exorbitant fees given to us to get space at this event. $1/minute is really quite cheap.

Tell them to email me and to put “demf” in the subject line.

2) We need sponsors! Know any companies that would want to help sponsor this event? We have a plan setup for sponsors. In a nut shell, they give us money and we help promote them at the DEMF. The exposure at this event is quite spectacular. If you know anyone, feel free to have them email me as well.

Also, if any of you are in the area, you should come to this event. It could be quite cool. We also need volenteers to help with misc. stuff around the booth, so if you want to help, let me know!

Ok. I think that is all. Umm. Yeah. Later!

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