More of an update tomorrow. All in all, the event went really well. The turn out could have been better, but we got stuffed back on the Grassy Knoll again. The evenings on Saturday and Monday were pretty good turns outs, though. That One Guy was very well received on Saturday, and sold probably as many CDs in an hour as we did all weekend.

Sunday the storm hit, and we never got our crowd back. Monday started kind of slow, and then picked up. We sold quite a number of CDs later in the day, particularly around Backspace’s set.

I feel bad for some of the artists who came a long way to perform and didn’t have much of a crowd there, particularly Iszoloscope. His set was fucking awesome, but the turnout for it was not very good. I was glad a number of the artists, like Xanopticon and Epsilon Minus were able to score decent after parties to perform at.

More later!

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