Final Fantasy VII Metal Playlist

With the release of an updated version, I am reminded that Final Fantasy VII, beyond being one of the best games ever, also has some of the greatest music. I put together a master playlist with my favorite Final Fantasy VII metal versions I could find.

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There are many fans out there making metal music of video game covers. I have in the past compiled a set of favorite covers from the NES era. Many of the same artists perform video game covers from multiple eras, and it seems FF7 is one of the more popular titles to cover.

I narrowed my list down to only include one version of each track, and without repeating the same artist too many times. There are multiple tracks from the same artists on here because some of these guys really do some incredible work.

I couldn’t find good covers of some of the tracks, and a few of the tracks (like the battle music) has quite a few versions to choose from, which made selecting some very difficult. I hope you enjoy this bit of geeky nostalgia!

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