My view: Four Peaks from Rio Verde, Arizona

Every day, I look at the Four Peaks from Rio Verde, Arizona. I have to take a moment to express gratitude for the view from my back window that I’ve had since 2014.

This house became available in November 2014, and was love at first sight. It meant a solid 30 minute commute each way, to and from work, but I was OK with that because the view was amazing.

Rio Verde, Arizona
November 2, 2014. Rio Verde, Arizona, the first time I laid eyes on this view.

There isn’t much else to write. Every day I wake up, go outside to tend to my chickens, and am amazed at the beauty I get to see. I’m very fortunate to live so remotely, especially in 2020, amidst a global pandemic, with a virus going around that could very easily kill me. I have to stay socially isolated, but I’m fortunate enough to have this amazing backdrop to wake up to every day. This all could end, but for now, I’m lucky.

I never experience vemödalen. I take photos of the same view nearly every day, and it never gets tiring, it never gets old.

I’ve also filmed a number of time-lapse videos, most of which I set to music from various Bottle Imp artists.

The first video I made didn’t bother to add music. It was a short clip, and I was still learning how to do time-lapse videos.

The next time I did one was in December 2017, when we had some neat rolling clouds. I did a bit of editing to the video and set it to music by Row Boat.

The next one I did of a beautiful sunrise on a cloudy morning in 2018. I set it to music by AMNION.

Then I did a full edit with a few videos I took over the span of a few years and I set it to wonderful music composed by Mark Wardale.

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