Fuck 2002

Fuck 2002. Don’t get me wrong, 2002 wasn’t necessarily a bad year. It just wasn’t really a good year either. The highlights were more like hills rather than mountains, and the lows were more like potholes compared to craters.

2002 did start to get me back into the swing of live music. I did perform once this year, and I’ve composed some tracks that I am particularly pleased with. I’ve met quite few people this year. My faith in humanity dropped a few more notches over the year. I didn’t kill anyone this year, which is a triumph.

My favorite CDs released this year:

Lustmord – Zoetrope
Sophia – Spite
Shinjuku Thief – The Witch Haven
Godspeed You Black Emperor! – Yanquio UXO
The Two Towers score
Lycia – Tripping back to the broken days
Skinny Puppy – Puppy Gristle

I buy a lot of older music, so I’m sure I’m neglecting some great CDs that I simply forgot were released this year. Oh well!

Looks like I’m going to head to Luna in Royal Oak tonight.

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