Gothic Beauty Review

A review of “I Swear By All The Flowers” is in issue #28 of Gothic Beauty Magazine. Read below:

This subtle, solitary album can really grab you. It opens with lulling, fragile musicbox notes and continues at the level of a faded recording, layered with background noise and ghostly voices that make it the aural equivalent of seeing orbs on old photographs. A charming but hesitant vintage piano performs in the foreground, but is gradually crowded with the noise of objects clanking and jingling together, as though spirits are trying to make themselves heard. In a really eye-widening moment, a very faint, eerir song is tuned in through the static, until it is subsumed by another oceanic storm of white noise. Put on your headphones to listen, or you might not pick up its signal and realize how strangely moving it is.

As a reminder, this album is now available as a free download from the Bottle Imp Productions site.

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