Handleman Company, empty and abandoned.

The Handleman Company was one of the major CD distributors in the US for quite a few years. They were based in Troy, Michigan. They supplied CDs to major retailers including Walmart, Kmart, Best Buy and a few others. Handleman flourished while recorded music was still popular to buy, particularly in the 1990’s, but business started to fail after the introduction of Napster and the popularization of file sharing.

In June, 2008 The Handleman company announced it would be exiting the music industry. I worked there between January of 2005 until September 2008, when the doors were about to shut for good. I was one of the last people there. This set is a collection of photos I took showing the empty building, and what is left of this leg of the music industry. Since I am interested in the music industry, it was somewhat fascinating watching all of this take place first hand.

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Daniel Tuttle
Daniel is the owner of Bottle Imp, an independent record label.
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