IE9 Placeholder Solution

Daniel Tuttle
By Daniel Tuttle Owner Bottle Imp, photographer and chicken keeper. @DanielCTuttle

Because I largely build independent websites I don’t usually fret over supporting out-dated browsers, in particular, Internet Explorer. Working with my current firm, it is a bit more necessary since we’re building things for marketing purposes and naturally, you lose a lot of important leads not supporting them. IE9 is really turning into the new IE6 for me, its really obnoxious the amount of standard HTML and CSS it does not support.

So I built a landing page for a marketing campaign and at the end realized IE9 doesn’t support the HTML5 placeholder in input forms. We were rolling with a minimalist design so I didn’t use any other labels, so needed to find a fix. Digging around I found Placeholders.js, an easy javascript implementation for the placeholder element. What a life saver, seriously. It took 30 seconds to implement and works like a champion. All I had to do was tie in the Javascript and the magic happened.

Posting this to share since it took longer to find Placeholders.js than it did to implement it, maybe I’ll save someone else that hassle!

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