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I removed Facebook from my phone. I do not check it on my desktop often. I don’t delete it because so many people I keep in touch with use it.

I use a lot of social media and have been on a lot of platforms over the years, but Facebook has gotten crazy lately.

If you need to get a hold of me, these are the best ways:


I pay attention to Twitter a lot and that is mostly where I hang.


I use this more than texting, and always have access.

For now I am not deleting Facebook, but that could change. I definitely will be paying attention a lot less. Instagram will likely follow. This has been a long time coming, but Facebook has gotten bad lately. I think it is a shitty network anyway, I miss the important updates people make and see the garbage no one should care about. I’ll look in occasionally but this is the first step. I’ll likely move to a different platform at some point in the future, as Twitter is awful too, but for now if you want to stay in touch, I recommend those platforms.

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