Is nine years a long time ago?

I’ve been involved in music since high school. I was digging around back-up CDs to find something I’ve lost. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did find some mp3s of the band I was in in the mid-90s. Or at least the one I spent most of my time with. I’m not sure if I am proud of this shit, or ashamed of it, but I figure I’ll share it one way or the other. Here ya go!

Here is a review I had saved of this crap. Apparently some people dug it:

this hard edged industrial outfit from indiana does it for me. being a huge skinny puppy fan, i can’t help but draw similarities between these two groups. that undeniable ‘skinny puppy’ style is evident in the music of ogun’s will. i don’t make comparison’s to skinny puppy lightly as they’re the gods of industrial music but ogun’s will have that same strange and dark appeal.

mellifluent, filled with evil, maniacal and strangely effected vocals over top harsh beats is an excellent example of hard industrial music as it should be. forget that sappy rock shit that pretends to be industrial because of a few instances of electronica and distortion on the vocals, this is industrial (where’s the bass?). lyrically dark and depressing, mellifluent, is one of the best songs i’ve heard from an independent band in the genre. following that same hard path is icy glare. not quite as powerful or creative as the previous song, it’s still a potent song nonetheless and far better than most. probably more appealing to the masses of industrial fans than the darkly tempting mellifluent, this track is harsh and unrelenting but definitely more marketable (from a label’s point of view) since it combines elements of industrial dance and the drums bring a cohesiveness that hold the song together nicely. either way, this is a talented and recommended band for true industrial fans. we’ve added mellifluent to our top mp3 songs list.

The album cover was designed by Daniel McKernan, a guy we hung around with on mIRC back in the day. We toured around a bit, did quite a number of weird performances in and around the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. We traveled within about a 500 mile radius, mostly doing shows for little college towns.

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