Live Recordings

Over the weekend, I finished compiling the set of live recordings that I have been planning to make public for some time. I managed to get all three finished and posted. They are available only as MP3 downloads from the Bottle Imp Productions archive. These are all recordings done from live sets I did in 2006 and 2007.

Evening Conversations

This set is a live remix of material from “I Swear By All The Flowers” that I performed in Hamtramck, Mi in June 2007. I also blended and mixed in various other pieces and sounds that were scrapped in the original release, so there are a few tracks on here that are quite unique. The original tracks that make it in this mix are somewhat different as well.

Evening Conversations Vol. 2

This was recorded at FromTheGut in Detroit in September, 2006. Some 20+ other artists performed that evening, and everyone was given 10 to 20 minutes to do their sets. My set was mixed totally off the cuff, using various sounds and samples I had laying around. I am actually quite pleased with how this turned out, despite the lack of preparation.

Evening Conversations VOl. 3

This was recorded in Northampton, MA in April, 2007 at the Ragnarokia festival. Given the nature of the event, I decided to showcase some of the darker material I had been working on at the time. Some of the sample work is from instruments I built when recording “Blood”, but some of the other martial style pieces are otherwise unreleased. The drone/ambient work was all improvised, using sample banks built in 2006. I am quite pleased with how this recording came out.

Again, all three of these can be downloaded for free, so do check it out! =)

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