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I have been flirting with the idea of moving the Eastern Market for years, and for various reasons, some out of my control and others not so much, it has just never happened. In 2009, my kung fu Sifu Owen initiated the acquisition of a building right next door to the kung fu school. When this initially happened, we toyed with moving into the third floor, which was entirely finished and livable at the time. The cost of renting this floor was somewhat prohibitive at the time, compounded with what would be a formidable commute to work, so it simply didn’t happen.

The second floor was in a rough state, entirely undeveloped, and quite filthy. Looking to move out of Auburn Hills and hoping to be close to the kung fu school to do a term of hard, focused training, I petitioned my Sifu to build out that second floor, since no one else had yet moved on it. We came to an arrangement and are getting it done. We’re kind of at the zero hour state now, but have the task at about 90% completion.

The main livable unit is mostly done, except building some temporary partitions to separate one half of the unit from the other, and some various insulation details. The bathroom is on the tail end of construction and may not see full completion until very close to or just after move-in. The plumbing is installed. The floor is tiled, but the shower needs to be tiled. The water heater should be installed before move-in, and the washer and dryer will likely be dealt with after move-in. Electrical is 99% complete at this point, I think.

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