Mick Mercer’s review of “Edison’s Frankenstein”

Mick Mercer posted a review of “Edison’s Frankenstein”.

“A cute idea this, where music has been added as a modern score to the original film of Frankenstein, just as Jackson Del Ray did with Nosferatu. (It’s anyone’s guess who will get to The Hunchback Of Notre Dame first.) We’ll get to the film shortly, because that’s the dvd, but the CD has twelve tracks which are out of sequence, presumably for a reason.

‘Discovered The Mystery Of Life’ is weighty string-torn ambient, stormy and bundling dramatically across initially mellow intentions. ‘The Evil In Frankenstein’s Mind Creates A Monster’ shuffles about, a lumbering cacophony of slow moving sound. Both ‘Appalled At The Sight Of His Creation’ with its plain and simple agitation and the equally brief ‘The Return Home’, a gentle introspective stroll, are instruments only, then we’re back to more shuffling soundscape with ‘The Monster Sees Himself’, not that we hang about as almost at once the groaning piano of ‘Bridal Night’ moves into a clumping rhythmic dementia.

‘Overcame By Love And Disappears’ heaves out the downcast cello and some supportive keys, before ‘Attack’ shows it’s almost got the length to start working as an ill-tempered but effective rhythmic piece which stands alone, because most of these are too short. ‘The Monster’ is thumpety noise again, before the milder ‘The Mirror’ breaks midway to imply tearful pain. ‘Leaving For College’ is all whispery with train sounds, glowing in a ghostly fashion, and ‘Edison’s Frankenstein’ is sensible and moody strings and keys again with a few noises off, like dragging sacks of strangely heavy leaves, into heavier morose rumbling then takes you through it all.”

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