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Last year, before COVID hit and the world caught on fire, I asked people about and how people utilized it. These are the most interesting things I founds. features

What features would be interesting

Asking people how interested in listening stats they are and what they’re interested in seeing from their friends, the results were somewhat predictable. People generally do not care about what their friends are listening to, but they’re very interested in hearing specific recommendations.

I did not make a chart for it, but the question “How interested are you in seeing detailed stats about your listening history?” is very divisive. Either people don’t care at all and voted 0, or they love them and voted 10. There was little in between.

How do people listen to music?

I tacked on a semi-unrelated question asking where people listen to music. The respondents could select multiple answers. The results were interesting but somewhat predictable.

Which music platforms do people use
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