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CYBERPUNK playlist

A CYBERPUNK playlist for 2020

This is a CYBERPUNK playlist I started working on a few months ago, and finally, feel good enough to publish…

deep in the forest preview

☠️ deep in the forest // a playlist for autumn

I like having a playlist for autumn. I have a few, but this one takes me back to the eastern…

Good night, go to sleep💤 // an ambient playlist for the nighttime

Good night, go to sleep💤 // an ambient playlist for the nighttime

“Good night, go to sleep” is an ambient playlist I put together on Spotify. It is dedicated to restless nights…

116 degrees

116 degrees Fahrenheit 🌵🌡️// a drone and dark ambient playlist

116 degrees fahrenheit A few years back, I was juggling my job and dealing with 116-degree heat. I needed a…

Anguish cover art

🖤 anguish 🖤// a dark noise, harsh ambient playlist

2020 has been brutal. For a period of time after this pandemic hit, I found myself listening to a lot…

Final Fantasy VII Playlist

Final Fantasy VII Metal Playlist 🤘

With the release of an updated version, I am reminded that Final Fantasy VII, beyond being one of the best…

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