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I received “We waited for a subtle dawn” from Life Toward Twilight a few years back, and I liked it a lot. It was diverse dark ambient, and overall pretty solid. So I wasn’t really surprised when I popped in “Blood” and found that it was another slab of quality reverb soaked nefariousness.

The material on “Blood” is different in a few ways, mainly in that it has an overall stronger sense of cohesion and tightness, and it stays more in one stylistic direction, while still maintaining a lot of different aural inputs. It’s also different in that it’s only 17 minutes long, which may add to it’s feeling of cohesion a bit. There are a lot of creepy moans and howls here, and a lot of good found sound type elements of the darker variety, what with creaking and slamming doors and demonic poundings. Lots of very effective winds and muttered screams as well.

Overall this album sounds like a 16th century english village being slaughtered by a storm of very fucked up demons, which in my book is really, really cool. If you dig dark ambient you have no reason not to get yourself some “Blood”.

Emphasis added by me, because you know, that’s a pretty great description in my opinion.

Remember, “Blood” can be downloaded for free at Bottle Imp Productions. Higher quality can be had via iTunes or Amazon MP3

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