New review for “Blood”

A new review has been posted for my new album, “Blood” at Absolute Zero Media Webzine :

After meeting Daniel live 7 days ago I can say that his live show is what this CD is all about, Dark, Grim, Soothing, Creepy and Somber all at once. Blood by Life Towards Twilight is the most angry and upsetting thing I have ever heard by him. Remember the all the best things about Cold Spring artists like SISTRENATUS and KEROVNIAN and you’re coming some where close to the majesty of it all. This is like entering the mind and soul of the damned and not being able to find the way out. Though only seventeen minutes long if it was any longer I don’t know if I or anyone would want any more of this in one sitting. Its almost like all the best parts of MZ412 or Sephiroth all in one as well. This is just fucking un-nerving material. If this doesnt get Life Toward Twilight known to a larger crowd nothing ever will. This is Black Industrial perfection!!!!!

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