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Life Toward Twilight is a musical entity that creates sounds reminiscent of both drone and ambient music, with other influences as well. Now on its ninth release (or sixth if you don’t want to count the three releases that were recorded live), Blood, this project is perhaps one of the more challenging entries in its genre out there and is sure to take multiple listens from even the more seasoned drone listener. But that in itself is what makes this disc so interesting, even if it is far from music for the mainstream.

Blood is a mini-album based around themes and moods from horror films. While this isn’t necessarily a new concept, Daniel Tuttle (the man behind Life Toward Twilight) has chosen to explore these ideas using drone/minimalist compositions. Rather than being background music per se, the sounds on this disc are much closer to the sound effects of a horror movie. One can hear noises that sound like doors creaking and wind howling, as well as the screams of the various victims. In fact, at times Life Toward Twilight sounds like that of death itself. The mood of this disc is very eerie, and it will definitely take multiple listens to make out every little element that makes up this powerful effort.

As with most drone, Life Toward Twilight lacks the traditional structure of most music. Sounds seem to flow in and out of the atmospheric base often established at the beginning of each song, but even these can be extremely soft and hard to hear at times. And while each of these five tracks are different from one another, they share ideas and certain sounds to create the feeling of one long effort. What really makes this a disc worth investigating, however, is the way in which it shocks you. Although much of Blood is minimalist and soft, the occasional vocal or sound interlude will hit at higher than usual volumes and bring the listener’s attention back from the atmospheric droning.

If you’re a drone fan, don’t miss out on this release. You are really going to have to invest some time into this disc to get the most from it, as there are plenty of subtle details that can be missed out on the first time around. But Daniel Tuttle has once again done something unique with his music, creating a disc that is both disturbing and absorbing at the same time. If five songs from Life Toward Twilight can produce so much tension and atmosphere with so little sound, I can’t imagine what a full length of material could do.

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