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Daniel Tuttle
By Daniel Tuttle Owner Bottle Imp, photographer and chicken keeper. @DanielCTuttle

I am rebuilding the website for my music project, Life Toward Twilight. I manage all of my websites with WordPress, and slowly have been focusing on using Bootstrap on all of them.  Since I am making a fully functional band website, I wanted to keep in mind functionality that would be good for any WordPress theme for bands, in case I want to replicate the functionality for someone else.

My Goals

  1. Keep it basically minimal.
  2. Fullscreen background.
  3. Mobile Responsive
  4. Comprehensive.

Tools I used

  1. Theme built off Rachel Baker’s Bootstrap starter theme. 
  2. Background Manager plugin. No point in reinventing the wheel, and Myatu’s plugin is perfect for getting nice, mobile friendly fullscreen backgrounds. It seems to even render correctly on my Android brower, which seems to hate fullscreen backgrounds. If I were to build a new Wordpress theme for bands, I would probably code something into the admin panel, but for me, this works great.
  3. Gigpress.  Again, at this point, I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, and this plugin is ideal for managing a band’s event calendar.
  4. To get Gigpress mobile responsive, I used Footable.  At some point, I will recreate this better and make a Gigpress theme out of it, as I am sure other bands would like to have this.
  5. For the band Discography, I built out a Custom Post Type to make managing releases easier. I have been rotating this Custom Post Type on a few sites and will probably share the details at some point. I used Human Made’s Custom Meta Boxes fork for the custom fields framework, just tied it into the theme. When I build my Wordpress theme for bands, the core focus will be on the discography functions.
  6. Soundcloud’s Stratus for the audio footer. Needs some work for mobile, may just hide it.

I didn’t change the Bootstrap navbar much and will customize it more in the future, but my band’s site was getting really out of date and needed a facelift. I’m pretty happy with the overall result. Still a work in progress, but it is pretty close to where I want it.

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