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A few years ago, I did a break down on Tunecore Vs Record Union, which has been a very popular article. A lot of people have been curious about Record Union. It seems people are annoyed with Tunecore as I was. At the time Record Union allowed me to give away a code that allowed you to get a free UPC code for you first release. They have since retired that program, but they still allow me to send invites via email.

If I send you an invite, you get these things:

  • 1 year of FREE distribution for your first release
  • UPC-code at no extra charge
  • This applies to any type of release (be it a single, EP or album)
  • You can choose between all of the digital services that Record Union distributes to

After the first year, you will pay the normal rates for distribution.

If you would like this discount, just fill out this form and I’ll have one sent via email as soon as I can. If you submit this, be on the lookout for an email within 24 hours. *NOTE: If you create a Record Union account before you get my email invite, you won’t get the free UPC/release.

Record Union Invite

  • I'll send a Record Union invite to this email address
  • Your band or artist website, so I can hear your music! :) Not required.
  • Subscribe to the Bottle Imp Mailing list? Not required, but if you want to listen to music I release, this is how you'll do it.

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