i’m daniel tuttle.


It can be obtained in a few different formats. My resume has my employment history and an outline of my proficiencies.

Google Doc

proficiencies // skills.


Empathetic Problem Solver

By way of listening to and understanding peoples’ problems, I help research and present viable solutions.


Tech “Translator”

I am excellent at distilling complex and highly technical concepts to non-technical people at all levels. This includes end-users as well as executives and investors.


Versatile Expert

I embrace new technology and am talented at immersing myself in a product and gaining a quick yet in-depth understanding of how it works.

data analysis // visualization

In my role as product owner, I enhanced my already in-depth knowledge of reporting, adding a flair of design I previously didn’t have a need for.

  • Data Visualizations // Storytelling
  • Postman
  • PHP//Python/many “No code” tools
  • SQL reporting
  • Google Sheets // Microsoft Excel
  • Google Data Studio // Tableau

content & marketing

I have been building content campaigns for over 20 years. Most of my work has in various fitness industries and the music industry.

  • Long form content // blog articles
  • SEO campaigns // SEO best practices
  • Strategic curation of social networks
  • Utilizing affiliate programs
  • Building online communities
  • Email Marketing: drips, design, funnels, segmentation

user & product research

Since 2016, I have been integral in guiding the Promotion Vault product development. I had, uhh, “on the job training”.

It is safe to say that my experience is outstanding but it could stand to be tempered with some formal methodologies.

  • Bootstrapping MVPs
  • User surveys // interviews
  • SCRUM and other agile methodologies
  • Establishing development priorities
  • UX research
  • Communicating needs and discoveries
  • Product backlog management
  • Liaison between teams // stakeholders

photo editing & manipulation // web graphics

In my role as product owner, I enhanced my already in-depth knowledge of reporting, adding a flair of design I previously didn’t have a need for. Most of these skills have been developed well over 20 years (Hello Netscape 1.1!)

  • Adobe Photoshop for editing and design
  • Email template design
  • Web layouts and design
  • Creating // Following brand guides
  • Product photography
  • 360 virtual tours


I have been using WordPress for well over a decade. While not a full developer, I am versed in deep hacks and have built fully functional software MVPs that have then been turned into fully realized, and profitable, platforms.

  • Theme functions
  • Custom Post Types
  • Custom plugins
  • Deep WordPress API experience
  • Full Site SEO


I’ve worked with a lot of people over the years, here are words from a few of them.

social profiles.

I don’t use Facebook or Twitter anymore. Back in the 90’s, the internet was cool. These billionaire controlled walled gardens are a real liability to humanity. I have opinions. 😆

fun things I’ve made.

Not to be confused with a real portfolio, this highlights projects I’ve worked on, mostly from passions and some for money. But it’s mostly passion. So you can see what fuels me.