Daniel Tuttle
By Daniel Tuttle Owner Bottle Imp, photographer and chicken keeper. @DanielCTuttle

It was kind of a long weekend front to back. The zenith of my weekend was doing a show in Lansing, Mi.

The show was pretty cool. The turn out was low, but I sort of expected that. I watched a few people stumble into the show and immediately turn around and leave after they saw Black Sand Desert severely abusing a piece of sheet metal, while his very solid, raw, ear damaging noise was blasting away. These people lasted seconds.

Anyways, it was a good show that reminded me of the BODYHAMMER show I did a few years back with Jeremy and Same. All the bands were cool with each other and the music was really cool.

The thing was held in an art gallery which was interesting. I didn’t care for most of the art, but it did add a certain ambience to the whole setting.

We performed last. It was the first time I’ve performed in a bit over a year. The rock star days are long over. It seems to be about ambience and making music now. I prefer it this way. I was rather pleased with the sound, but the feedback was a little more than I would have liked to have.

The other bands were great. Delien was awesome. I really wish more people were doing this type of thing more often.

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