Social Media Post That Converted Me: McMurray Hatchery

Daniel Tuttle
By Daniel Tuttle Owner Bottle Imp, photographer and chicken keeper. @DanielCTuttle

I logged onto Twitter recently and saw this tweet by McMurray Hatchery and it immediately spurred me into buying some clear plastic egg cartons.

I am sharing because I think it is a brilliant example of social media hitting me right at the point where I am thinking about a problem I am trying to solve. At work, I keep eggs out for my team, and have a donation box. Everyone wants eggs but they customarily forget them when they’re leaving. So I designed a nice donation box and set the eggs on the front counter where they could see it as they leave. This helped, but they still manage to walk by.

My Egg Sign

McMurray’s post appeared as I was thinking about better ways to improve this problem. One of the things my team mentions often is how they love the multicolored eggs. But my boring egg cartons hide the colors. So when I saw the post, it immediately grabbed me because:

  • It spoke to a problem I was thinking about
  • It lined up with the feedback I was receiving
  • The photo included in the tweet highlighted what the end result looks like

It is possible McMurray’s social media team hit some of this by accident but it shows they’re trying to speak to problems their customer’s face. I clicked on their link and could buy some cartons for $20, so I bought some. I can’t say yet if it makes the difference, but we’ll see soon enough.

Clear Egg Cartons
Clear Egg Cartons vs boring brown cartons.

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