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Favorite music of 2020

2020 was a terrible year, but a lot of good music was released. This in NO WAY redeems it, but at least it has made being stuck at home slightly more bearable.
Best of 2010's Playlist

Best music of the 2010’s

It’s 2020 now, so I want to document what I thought was the best music of the 2010’s. However, I don’t really like “best of” lists, as these are the albums and artists that moved me more than others. I’m…

2011 Top Ten Albums

Generally, I am awful at narrowing things down to ten, but to prevent myself from listing 100 favorite albums of 2011, I forced myself to list just ten. And here they are. These are not in any particular order. Exitmusic,…

Skinny Puppy Puppy Gristle

Fuck 2002

Fuck 2002. Don’t get me wrong, 2002 wasn’t necessarily a bad year. It just wasn’t really a good year either. The highlights were more like hills rather than mountains, and the lows were more like potholes compared to craters. 2002…