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I’m still sorting through my bookmarks. Which is good news because that means I get to share more interesting development tools. As I mentioned before, I am not a fan of reinventing the wheel, and if someone made a tool to simply a process I need to do often, I am all about utilizing it. This is a list of web development tools that are difficult for me to categorize broadly, but get heavy...

Eight Quick Typography Tools

Picksum Ipsum

Still organizing my bookmarks and sharing some of my various design tools. I like having a small arsenal of quick builders to save time, since I do 95% of my work in Notepad++. To be fair, half of these are filler text generators, but I seem to have a need for those quite often. So here is my small list of typography tools to help speed up web development. Font Squirrel Webfont Generator One of...

Five Tools To Make Quick Backgrounds

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator

I’m organizing my bookmarks, and realizing I have a lot of good tools I should share around. This is a list of five tools to make quick backgrounds I use quite often in CSS development that save me a lot of time. I find myself in a situation where I am often building templates for one-time uses and need to add a little bit of variety instance to instance, so need tools to help get that job...

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