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Happy birthday

You would have turned 40 today. As always, I miss you. Here are some newer songs I think you’d enjoy. A lot of these are newer artists, but yes, Nick Cave still kicks out great music.

Four Years

Four year anniversary

It has been four years since Laura Purdy's passing.
Laura's Grave

Visiting her Grave

The irises we planted last year have bloomed, and interestingly enough, the pansies are still thriving with life, surviving the winter.
Laura Frances Purdy

Laura Passed

Laura Purdy passed away today, January 31, 2005, at 4pm.
Laura Frances Purdy

Update on Laura, Jan 30, 2005

The doctor expects her to survive about 24 hours before her breathing ultimately fails, and she passes in her sleep.
Bridge in the snow

Update for January 27, 2005

The general mood of the doctors is that her condition is getting progressively better, and her breathing is improving, but it is very slow improvement.