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You cannot devalue music.

I agree with Quirk’s statements 100%. I feel like anyone interested in being involved in the “music industry” needs to get on this level, otherwise you’re just chasing your own tail. When I hear people complain about discount pricing in online stores or fret about on-demand services such as Rhapsody and Spotify, I rebut them with another rule of mine that makes me sound...

More Articles Regarding the Music Industry

Today there have been a lot of articles regarding the state of the music industry floating around, particularly via Boing Boing and a lot of people’s Livejournals. So, I’m going to share some of the best articles I have saved the past few years, since so many people are interested in this subject. The Music Industry Is Not In Trouble Indie film producer thanks pirates for downloading...

Music PR

Any independent musician marketing themselves in a serious way should read this guy’s blog: And his free ebook: What is prompting me to write this is this particular post: Thing 11: The Death of Scarcity It is basically a brief article about the economics of endless supply in how it relates to music online. It is a concept anyone serious about selling music should take seriously. There may...

Music Piracy

This topic has been discussed exhaustively on many of my friends journals (many people who are in bands signed to independent labels). For those of you who I have debated the downloading/pirating/dying record label issue with, I suggest reading this: I know one of the major arguments is that independent labels are not dealing with same circumstances or market, and so forth. I disagree. Things we...


The weird nature of my job currently has me working thirty feet away from this person doing a live performance. On a very loud PA. It is sort of annoying to me. Shutting the door hasn’t helped much.

More on Copyright

Occasionally people say intelligent things in the comments area on slashdot. I think this was stated quite well: “Copyright is taken for granted in modern society; everyone assumes information must be restricted to retain value. This is a very recent change. Shakespeare had no copyright, and throughout human history art was produced without the “protection” of copyright. Now...

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