Record Union A&R Invite

Record Union Invite

A few years ago, I did a break down on Tunecore Vs Record Union, which has been a very popular article. A lot of people have been curious about Record Union. It seems people are annoyed with Tunecore as I was. At the time Record Union allowed me to give away a code that allowed you to get a free UPC code for you first release. They have since retired that program, but they still allow me to send...

You cannot devalue music.

I agree with Quirk’s statements 100%. I feel like anyone interested in being involved in the “music industry” needs to get on this level, otherwise you’re just chasing your own tail. When I hear people complain about discount pricing in online stores or fret about on-demand services such as Rhapsody and Spotify, I rebut them with another rule of mine that makes me sound...

Field Rotation, “Cloud Observation”

Found this amazing set of work on Fluid Radio. I decided to create a small photo series of my cloud observation that I did in the mountains recently. The often ghostly pictures appeared due to an extremely cold and rainy weather period although it was meteorological midsummer. These stills have been taken in various locations on the Tyrolean Alps. Cloud Observation describes my mood whilst...


My friend Brent just pointed me towards this. This guy has tragically no listeners, 1 follower on Soundcloud and 7 on Facebook including myself. But his ambient tracks are really good. In fact, they’re in that pleasant but ghostly vein that a lot of Miasmah releases fall into, and I would highly recommend for anyone into their output. And seriously, go add this guy as a friend. More people...

About This Blog

I want to revisit briefly the nature of this blog. As I have mentioned elsewhere, I have been active on the internet since around 1994, engaging in online communities as a means for building a social and creative network. I am usually an early adopter on most new social network platforms. In the 90’s, that generally meant chat rooms, IRC, and bulletin boards (in particular I spent a lot of...

Life Toward Twilight Music at Corpus Illuminata

Music from my album “I Swear By All The Flowers” will be played at Corpus Illuminata, an art gallery featuring, “one part exhibition of anatomic-inspired artwork, one part museum of medical antiquities and one part academia of accredited presentations”. The event is in Detroit this weekend, August 12 & 13, 2011. See their sites for details:
Official Site
Facebook Page

New Life Toward Twilight Track

This track has a lot of technical history. The melody was composed years ago and I originally proposed it be used in collaboration with a friend of mine who was going to record some vocals for it. That never quite materialized so I finished this piece to be included in the Sepiachord Passport CD sampler. We decided to ultimately not include it there since the piece is so minimal and ambient and...

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