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Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee from Enter the Dragon

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the passing of Bruce Lee. This is certainly a weird experience for me, Bruce Lee was a monument of legendary proportions to me when I was growing up, a serious inspiration to me on so many different levels. I was born just a few short years after his passing, and his influence on me was strongly by way of his influence on my father who introduced me to Bruce...

Wing Chun Books

Although some people like to argue about this, you can’t really learn martial arts from a book. At least, you cannot in any exclusive sense. However, a good book can be used as a reference tool in conjunction with your studies. Most of the books I read in relation to kung fu training are historical in nature. To be honest, there aren’t many really good books out there, and most of the...

Kung Fu School Featured

Detroit Freepress Video 290 pound Detroit Lions defensive tackle Andre Fluellen takes Kung Fu class at Detroit Kung Fu Academy to improve his football skills. JULIAN H. GONZALEZ/Detroit Free Press 5/27/2011 Detroit Lions Lineman Spends Time With Wing Chun Fluellen stumbled upon the Detroit Kung Fu Academy during a Saturday-morning shopping trip. After one lesson studying Wing Chun, which combines...

Ip Man Movie

I cannot claim to be any sort of serious historian when it comes to Yip Man’s life, but all evidence leads me to believe the story of his life in the new biopic from China, “Ip Man“, is largely fabricated or romanticized. Never the less, the end result is an entertaining film with some serious wing chun fight scenes, a martial art that gets far too little screen time considering the copious...

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