I just got back from playing an actual Asteroids game at an arcade. It was the classic Asteroids! I havent seen one of those machines in years. I know all about MAME, and Im an emulation junky, but it’s still super cool to play these games on the arcade units. During the 80s, I spent a very large amount of time in an arcade. So, tonight had a nostalgic moment to it.

Seth let me borrow this book, “Wreckers of Civilization”, which is a very in-depth biography of Throbbing Gristle and Coum Transmissions(which is a group TG was involved with pre-TG). I am utterly fascinated with Throbbing Gristle. I have been for a very long time. I think the whole concept is brilliant, and the “music” they produced was fascinating(not “good”, fascinating. It’s mostly ear and nerver grating). D.o.A is such an interesting CD. Anyways, the studio stuff is interesting, but the real power of Throbbing Gristle is their live stuff. I would love to have seen them live. Ive seen quite a few videos, and I have a few live CDs. Listening to their live stuff is great. It’s really powerful and driven stuff. But, I think what fascinates me most is how it’s truely revolutionary. It was a revolution against all sorts of things, including the idea of revolution itself.

I also think that Throbbing Gristle is Genesis P-Orridge’s finest moment. I was never too impressed with Psychic TV. The only P-TV stuff that’s really good, IMO, is the stuff before Balance and Christopherson split to become Coil. Hear and there, something PTV will strike me as cool. I was never a big “Chris & Cosey” fan either. Coil is sheer brilliance, however. I think my favorite disc of Genesis P-Orridge’s that is post-TG is probably this Merzbow w/ Genesis P-Orridge CD. I think this is fantastic. Anyways, according to the Chris & Cosey website, they are resurrecting Industrial Records, primarily for the purpose of releasing the TG 24 hour box set, which I believe is sort of an omnibus of all their live performances. This thing existed in a rare tape release, and has been bootleged all to hell. But it will be super cool to hear all the stuff remastered by Chris Carter.

It’s almost late. I was going to go watch Slick Idiot tonight, but no one I know wanted to go, and I didn’t really feel like going alone. Oh well.

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