The Devil’s Double

I find it difficult to think of how to express how impressed with The Devil’s Double, but needless to say I loved it. I don’t buy this criticism that it is excessively violent. It is, indeed, quite brutal at times, but it is entirely appropriate considering the context. You need a sufficient amount of brutality to show just how crazy Uday Hussein really was.

The screenplay was excellent, the pacing was top notch but nothing compares to Dominic Cooper’s performance. From the beginning, I was questioning whether Hussein and his double were played by the same person. They certainly looked similar, but it is possible they found two guys bearing a strong resemblance. Where the performance went from good to over-the-top amazing was when the character of Latif actually switched into imitating Hussein. So what you have is an actor playing a character learning to and succeeding in imitating another character the same actor is portraying. This may sound like an obvious feat, but Cooper made the whole process so believable, I sat questioning whether this was the same guy playing two parts through the whole movie. A question left unanswered until the credits rolled.

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