Things I’m Listening To: Vol 1

I haven’t updated this space for a while, largely because I haven’t had the time to pull together solid thematic mixes. So I’m going to get caught up to speed doing it old school:

I’m going to post some simple mixes of stuff I’m listening to.

I’m a late end Gen X’er, grew up making mix tapes in the 80’s, recording things from the radio that I loved to listen to. I did this for years. I still make a ton of private playlists I don’t share. Going to shuffle that up a bit here. This first mix is some heavier, metal-ish stuff I’ve been playing. A lot. I am going to try to get one of these up a week for a month or two then get back into making regular themed mixes.

Things I’m Listening To: Vol 1 from danieltuttle on 8tracks Radio.

Daniel Tuttle


I run Bottle Imp, an independent record label. I am also a photographer, a web developer and I raise chickens. More Music:
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