Top 10 2003

I don’t feel like leaving the fucking house, because it is too damn cold. I saw Brian’s post, and realize I didn’t post a Top 10 list of my favorite CDs from 2003. So here it is, in no particular order:

10) Xanopticon – Liminal Space
9) Massive Attack – 100th Window
8) Cdatakill – Paradise
7) Iszoloscope – au seuil du néant
6) Shinkjuku Thief – Medea
5) Converter – Exit Ritual
4) Raison D’etre – Requiem for Abandoned Souls
3) Autechre – Draft 7.30
2) Venetian Snares – Chocolate Wheelchair

and my favorite disc of the year:

The Dresden Dolls’ self titled full length. The disc blew me away.

Other releases of note:

Favorite compilation: “Kill Bill” Official Soundtrack. Major props for Tarantino putting the Neu! track from “Master of the Flying Guillotine” on it.

Most disappointing release: A silver mount zion – “This is Our Punk Rock”. A band I thought could know no fault releases a pile of steaming poo. This was very disappointing.

Best movie score: Paul Haslinger’s score for “Underworld”. Note, this is not the soundtrack with the new Skinny Puppy song on it. The sound track sucked, but the score is exceptional (other than one track which gets all industrial rock sounding). The score had production and contributions from Lustmord and is quite fantastic.

Best 3″ release: Slave Cylinder – “ADHD Schematics”. Any fan of beat driven power industrial should get a copy of this.

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