Twisted Toys & Mad Scientists: Victorian & Steampunk Affair

I will be DJing at this regular Steampunk event in Detroit at District VII. Next one is April 7th.


District VII Detroit Presents: Twisted Toys & Mad Scientists
Steampunk & Victorian Affair III

Another Art Event in our Steampunk, Victorian Technology Dress Up Series.

***We are proud to announce our Host for the evening: Michael Wiggins of Phoenix Cafe in Hazel Park***

***Our Featured Steampunk Artisan: Steampunk Fabricators***

***Our featured Performance: Ringmaster Zeb Presents his children’s book: “Kingdom of the Fools”***

***Hackerspaces: i3Detroit & AHA present their inventions & toys***

Live Performances:

Lula La Rose-Burlesque

Emily Infinity-“”Spherical Harmonics”

Christopher Bogucki-Sideshow Act

Weird Sisters-Aerial Act

Arlow Xan- Live Music

Detroit Shimmy-Burlesque/Bellydance

Zac & What Army-Comedy

Music by Doc Colony & Daniel Tuttle (and fingers crossed that Thomas Downey can stop by!)

Art by:
A Owen Layne, Bethany Shorb, Diane Irby, Karianne Gottschalk, Sergio Marzzotta, Micho Detronik, Kristine Diven

Complimentary Dress Up Zone
Cupcakes by Suzanne J
Make Your Own Robot Station
Robot Pinata with prizes & treats
Beverage Laboratory by Meg R
Door by Wendy

To keep you busy, we will have a robot making station set up where you can make your own robots out of tin cans, pringles/coffee containers, foam, paint, etc.

AHA will again be bringing their scanner camera, so feel free to pop by and get a scanned photo taken. They also will have their electrifying Jacob’s Ladder project in tow, so prepare to be amazed!

Additionally, there will be a large robot pinata bursting at the seams ready to erupt candy and toys all over the guests. Bring fancy umbrellas for this portion of the evening, or steer clear form the main pinata fly zone!

As always we will have the complimentary dress up station where guests can apply the makeup and perfumes provided, plus try on and borrow a huge assortment of clothing, lace, jewelry, shoe wear and accessories for the evening. If you’re already arriving in dress, feel free to frolic in the items just for fun. And if you don’t have your outfit coordinated, feel free to arrive early to use our resources to come up with a killer costume. Items provided are for makes and females in a variety of sizes.

Prepay Tickets can be purchased here at BrownPaperTickets for $12 general admission (food/drink not included, but enjoy the pinata treats or make a donation when you get snacks or coffee/tea/soda) and $23 advance VIP (cupcakes, drinks, foodstuffs included, plus priority VIP seating area.)

General tickets and VIP tickets can be purchased at the door the day of the event, they will be: $15 general admission, and $25 VIP.

See and for updates, interviews and costume ideas/tutorials

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