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Things I’m Listening To: Vol 1

I haven’t updated this space for a while, largely because I haven’t had the time to pull together solid thematic mixes. So I’m going to get caught up to speed doing it old school:

I’m going to post some simple mixes of stuff I’m listening to.

I’m a late end Gen X’er, grew up making mix tapes in the 80’s, recording things from the radio that I loved to listen to. I did this for years. I still make a ton of private playlists I don’t share. Going to shuffle that up a bit here. This first mix is some heavier, metal-ish stuff I’ve been playing. A lot. I am going to try to get one of these up a week for a month or two then get back into making regular themed mixes.

Things I’m Listening To: Vol 1 from danieltuttle on 8tracks Radio.

Field Rotation, “Cloud Observation”

Found this amazing set of work on Fluid Radio.

I decided to create a small photo series of my cloud observation that I did in the mountains recently. The often ghostly pictures appeared due to an extremely cold and rainy weather period although it was meteorological midsummer. These stills have been taken in various locations on the Tyrolean Alps.

Cloud Observation describes my mood whilst observing clouds – it reflects the impression of looking at the steadily moving sculptures that are formed by temperature, wind layers and the cliffs that collaborate perfectly and shift the clouds slowly and gracefully. The (partly processed) string-based composition is an excerpt of a piece for one of my future releases that I’m currently working on.

Field Rotation

View the Underexposed images at Fluid Radio.

Underexposed: Field Rotation – Cloud Observation by Fluid Radio


My friend Brent just pointed me towards this. This guy has tragically no listeners, 1 follower on Soundcloud and 7 on Facebook including myself. But his ambient tracks are really good. In fact, they’re in that pleasant but ghostly vein that a lot of Miasmah releases fall into, and I would highly recommend for anyone into their output.

And seriously, go add this guy as a friend. More people should hear this.

Semiomime, “From Memory”

Not enough good can be said about this album.

Detailled, deep, pristine: the adjectives often used to describes Noel Wessels’s output as DJ Hidden or The Outside Agency are even more accurate for the long-awaited first album by his new Semiomime project. A highly evocative and changing soundtrack to a yet-to-be-written movie, “From Memory” is a tour de force in emotional, multi-instrumental music writing and production. Close your eyes and let Semiomime guide you through his mysterious, intimidating but not unfriendly sonic journey.

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