Death Ritual

Kaleidoscopic Death Ritual

This playlist started with me jamming out to some bands with a heavy tube-amp/synthetic organ vibe and grew from there. Upbeat with a lingering foreboding.

trump bomb

A mix for 11/9

It is the end of the world as we know it. Right?

Things I’m Listening To: Vol 1

I haven’t updated this space for a while, largely because I haven’t had the time to pull together solid thematic mixes. So I’m going to get caught up to speed doing it old school: I’m going to post some simple…

Svartsinn Remix

A remix I did for Svartsinn‘s “All the colours are fading” that was released on Cyclic Law in 2009. I was extremely pleased with how this turned out. Vocal composition and performance by Elyse Reardon. Elegies For The End Reissue…

NES Metal Mix, 25 Years Later

In celebration of the Nintendo Entertainment System’s 25th birthday, I present this mix of metal cover songs of some of the original game music. Could alternately be title the “Holy Crap I’m Getting Old” mix. Tracklist: NESkimos – Legend of…