Update for January 27, 2005

I just talked to Laura’s mother who is at the hospital now. The general mood of the doctors is that her condition is getting progressively better, and her breathing is improving, but it is very slow improvement.

All tests so far have come back negative for any kind of infection. This is both good and bad. It is good in that there isn’t anything in her lungs working to make them worse. The bad news is, there isn’t anything to treat, meaning her lungs are just broken. Well, her lungs would function better if they shrink the tumor more. And I think that is what they are considering at this point, but I have no idea how they plan to approach this. Most of her lung problems are from previous chemo and radiation treatments, so anything they do to the tumor has to be something that isn’t going to further hurt her lungs, or her veins for that matter. Her veins are in bad shape too.

It looks as if they are aiming for Monday to take the tubes out. I’m not sure what else they are planning to do to treat her condition in the meantime, but I will post as I find anything else out. It could be a few days, though. If nothing much changes, I’ll just wait until I have a more substantial update.

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