Update on Laura, Jan 30, 2005

I am home briefly to get some food, shower, etc.

Between Laura’s mother and I, we have decided to take the tube out tomorrow morning around 7am. The doctor expects her to survive about 24 hours before her breathing ultimately fails, and she passes in her sleep.

As of today, her right lung, where the tumor is, is completely failed. She is surviving slowly on her left lung, that is now being destroyed by the disease. Her right lung is causing her a lot of pain. So are the shingles. She told me this today when I asked. If we don’t take the tube out, her pain will increase, and she will probably pass in a week or so. If we take the tube out, she will be comfortable, and be able to talk to us and say goodbye.

She was rather responsive today. I spent a lot of time telling her things, about how much I love her, etc. I spent a lot of time asking her questions. What she told me is

  • She wants to be alone, except with me, and some select family.
  • She doesn’t want any friends to visit. She does love you guys very, very much, but it is too hard for her, and she wants peace. When my uncle showed up today, and he is kind of a loud person, she kind of got visibly anxious and irritated. Our roommates showed up, and Laura told me she knows they love her, and that she loves them, but she doesn’t want extra visitors.
  • She is in quite a bit of pain, but that the medicine they give her does help.
  • She definitely wants the tube out.

So, I’m going to head back to the hospital and spend the night with her. Tomorrow is going to be the difficult day. I feel a lot better than yesterday because I know she knows how much she is loved. And that was what made Laura’s life complete.

I will let you guys know what happens as soon as I can. Thanks again for all of the support and love. It means the world to me, and to Laura also.

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