“We Waited For A Subtle Dawn” review at Evening of Light

Experimental music reviewers Evening of Light posted a review of “We Waited For A Subtle Dawn”.

“Life Toward Twilight is an American project by a man called Daniel Tuttle, aided by the synth works of Brent Nicholas and the (very sporadic) vocals of Elyse Reardon. This long album contains a mixture of dark ambient soundscapes, heavier neo-classical electronics, samples, and much more. This mixture is quite evenly distributed over the album, each song having a theme and intensity of its own. So, a few minutes might be filled with dark drones and effects, while the next few might blow you away with some heavy martial percussion or synth melodies. This might make the album less attractive to ambient purists, but all the more appealing to those who like an eclectic approach to dark electronics.

I must say that I like this eclectic, varied approach, because it sets We waited for a subtle dawn apart from many other albums. It also heightens the estranging atmosphere that hangs around most of this material. You never know what strange sounds or melodies await you ’round the corner. It might be a sweet, slightly cinematic piano melody as at the end of “Years”, or a cold industrial percussion session, such as “Might and Wrath”. Some other personal favourites are the heavy “this peculiar phenomenon” and the deep drones of “Horbehutet”

As others have remarked, this album partly came into being in a period where Daniel was under great personal stress, because is fiancée was mortally ill. But emotions seem wholly absent on this release, which is unforgivingly cold and harsh, rather than sad or mournful. In a way, this contributes to a solid dark atmosphere. On the other hand, I feel this material might have benefited from a bit more feeling, because it is very bleak, and in a distanciated way. But, I confess, this is a very personal feeling, and it should not deter you from trying out this very good release. This is a highly interesting free release for any lover of dark electronics.”

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