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I’m still sorting through my bookmarks. Which is good news because that means I get to share more interesting development tools. As I mentioned before, I am not a fan of reinventing the wheel, and if someone made a tool to simply a process I need to do often, I am all about utilizing it. This is a list of web development tools that are difficult for me to categorize broadly, but get heavy day-to-day usage.

Bootstrap Button Generator

Bootstrap Button Generator

I’ve been building everything on top Bootstrap. And why not? It has amazing inherent features that get used across most sites conventionally. I’m my quest to not re-invent the wheel, its great. This tool lets me create CSS for custom Bootstrap button colors. It is extremely easy to use and even customizes your btn tag.

WordPress Custom Post Type Code Generator

Custom Post Type Generator

This is a quick generator for making WordPress Custom Post Types. One of the primary reasons I use WordPress as a CMS, besides its general straight-forwardness, is Custom Post Types. I can make music catalogs, calendars, music reviews, featured artists, playlists, etc. This handy little generator whips up the code I can place right into my theme’s functions.php file. The only modifications I usually need to do is for the icon link. This site also has a Taxonomy generator and a few other clever tools.



This one is pretty simple: You upload a PNG file and it outputs a compressed file that looks great with a fraction of the file size. That’s it! Works great with PNGs that have alpha transparencies.

Icon Slayer

Icon Slayer

Oh, how I love this generator. This takes an icon design that you upload and kicks out a zip file with all the appropriate web icon sizes, including favicon and iPhone/Android bookmark icons. Just upload them to your development directory and add the appropriate link tags in your header and you’re good to go! This generator even has some cool embellishment features including a gradient overlay, rounding corners, shadows, etc.

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