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Music Piracy

This topic has been discussed exhaustively on many of my friends journals (many people who are in bands signed to independent labels). For those of you who I have debated the downloading/pirating/dying record label issue with, I suggest reading this:…

The evolution of my musical tastes – The 80’s

I was five years old in 1980, and my musical tastes have evolved a lot since then. Let me preface by saying I grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. There wasn’t any subculture to speak of there, and if there…
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More on Copyright

Occasionally people say intelligent things in the comments area on Slashdot. I think this was stated quite well: I’ve said it before, but the current copyright laws only encourage “rock stars” and cost inflation due to too many middle men…
You are what you listen to


No one is stealing music through file sharing. That can’t be done. Theft implies the removal of property. When something is copied, the owner still retains the original. Their property is still intact. All that has occured is the devaluation…

Live Photography

Generally speaking, I am terrible at taking photos at live shows, but this helped me document a lot of the events I went to.