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‘I Swear By All The Flowers’ is the fifth album by this project by Daniel Tuttle, and another one with interesting and captivating sounds. Where the previous album, ‘We waited for a subtle dawn’ was quite diverse in its sound, this album is more of a solid concept, as Daniel expresses it himself. And he is right about that. This album has a more ambient atmosphere, with some sections of slightly denser industrial influence.

The album is both shorter and calmer than its predecessor, and it lacks the heavier percussive parts that were present before. Instead, it focuses on a mixture of white noise, piano, music box melodies, samples, and other effects to create a haunting collection of tracks. Here and there, we hear everyday sounds, decrepit old records, confused female singing, or just people talking.

The combination of these aspects and the fuzzy, gritty sounds lends this album a unique mood. To me, it is as if these are visions and sounds picked up by the ghost of a deceased person, who still lingers somewhere between this world and the next. He or she has some sense of what is happening in the world, and can at times make out things through the mist, but it’s all jumbled and, more importantly, just out of reach. Even childhood memories and pictures of lost innocence drift through the consciousness of the musical protagonist. You can feel the yearning, madness, and grief, and that makes this a beautiful piece of music.

Those emotions were also what I found missing in the previous album, and combined with the clear musical vision, it lifts this album up a lot. This is a wonderful album for those who’d like to share this eerie experience, and look at this world from beyond.
Evening of Light
Evening of Light

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