So I didn’t end up going anywhere last night. I had every intention to go see Nick Cave, but at some point, I fell asleep, and woke up a tad too late to go. That’s one problem with Daylight Savings… it’s still pretty light out when it starts getting somewhat late. I can’t gauge time by sunlight as well. Bleh.

Anyways, I wake up, and order a pizza because at this point, I dont feel like going anywhere. It gets here, and in addition to the pizza guy at my door, there is a box on my doorstep with stamps saying “Australia”. So, I take my pizza in and my box. I already know what the box is: it’s my Dorobo order. It’s the Shinjuku Thief box with the thee Witch Trilogy CDs, including the new CD, “The Witch Haven”. I paid pretty good cash for this, but considering the shipping and what it came with and where it was shipping from, it was very much worth every penny. The three CDs came in this wooden box that is labeled and stores the three CDs. It’s rather an impressive package.

Anyways, the new Shinjuku Thief CD, “The Witch Haven” is fucking spectacular. I can’t praise this CD enough. It will likely be my favorite release of the year. It’s beautiful, with extremely delicate and powerful melodies mixed together. Some of the percussion is super big, and extremely epic, and it’s all mixed in with these samples that make the pieces extremely scary and eerie. The sample work reminds me of the sample work on Skinny Puppy’s “Stella’s Home” on VIVIsectVI. At least, the way they are employed. The sounds jump out from between the cracks of atmosphere, melodies and percussion and add serious power and emotional climaxes to the songs. Some of the tracks are super hard and powerful, even more so than anything I recall hearing from Shinjuku Thief yet.

I elected to listen to it while watching Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”, which really added to the experience, IMO.

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