NES Metal Mix, 25 Years Later

In celebration of the Nintendo Entertainment System’s 25th birthday, I present this mix of metal cover songs of some of the original game music. Could alternately be title the “Holy Crap I’m Getting Old” mix. Tracklist:

NESkimos – Legend of Zelda, Underworld
The Minibosses – Ninja Gaiden Medley
Powerglove – Vanquish the Horrible Night (From Castlevania 2)
The Advantage – Contra, Aliens Lair and Boss Music
NESkimos – Woodman, Megaman 2
Powerglove – Tetris [Themes B and C]
The Advantage – Metroid, Kraig’s Lair
The Minibosses – Mike Tyson’s Punch Out Medley
The Black Mages – Final Fantasy, Battle Theme
Nylithia – Super Mario Brothers Castle Theme

NES Metal Mix, 25 Years Later by Daniel on Mixcloud

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